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Picking the right pool company can be difficult, to help you with the process we have put together a list of important questions that might come to mind. If you need more assistance after reading the below please contact us, we are happy to help!   

FAQ Section

Do Pools come with any warrenty?

J2 Pools and Spas stands by our products and work. We are confident in the pool we build and we offer a warranty that backs it up. We offer 10 year warranty on the plaster and a life time warrenty on the Gunite. 

What if I have a small yard or a yard with a hill?

As a custom pool builder, we are able to design a pool for almost any yard. We have extensive knowledge of building on hillsides and would be able to give a professional analysis of your site.

How much work is there in maintaining a pool?

On average, you will spend approximately 25 minutes a week maintaining your pool. With having a consistence maintance schedule, caring for a pool as simple.

What kind of unexpected issues can come up when building a pool?

With any construction project there is a possibility for issues to come about. When working with J2 Pools and Spas and our expenericed employees there is
not an issue that we have not solved.

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